23 November 2015

Two Traditional Roofs

Two Traditional Roofs

In one photo we have the top of a traditional “cruck” frame as seen from the roof space. The two timbers are fixed together by the original timber pegs. This timber is probably at least 300 years old.

The second shot shows a general view of a Leicestershire cottage attic. Most of the original timbers are in place although note the several more modern timbers added to the earlier frame to strengthen it following reroofing in concrete tiles.

Such tiles can be three times heavier than the original slates. If the frame is not strengthened the roof can sag and deflect, creating the need for costly repairs.

On the right hand purlin (horizontal cross beam) see the outbreak of infestation by wood boring beetles (“woodworm”).

A competent timber treatment contractor should be employed to spray the attic with a proprietary insecticide solution so that the infestation does not undermine the structural integrity of the frame. Obtain a comprehensive insurance backed guarantee for any such work carried out.