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Shire Surveyors offers a full range of services

Insurance Rebuilding Valuations

We can provide an up to date rebuilding valuation to ensure you are not under or over-insured. The calculation uses up to date cost information from the RICS and takes into account demolition and rebuilding costs, and professional fees. The figure does not include the land and must not be confused with a market valuation.

Commercial Reports

Schedule of Condition

Leases can stipulate tough provisions for the maintenance and repair of commercial premises. A Schedule of Condition records in written and photographic format the condition of a property at the start of a lease. This can be agreed between the parties to ensure a fair assessment of condition and so avoid potentially costly repair disputes in the future.

Schedule of Dilapidation

A Schedule of Dilapidation is usually required at the end of a lease to assess the tenant’s liability for outstanding repairs. We can assess the property and conduct negotiations to avoid or settle any dilapidation claims.

Survey Report

A survey report is usually required if you are interested in purchasing a freehold commercial property. You will need advice on condition, repairs and future maintenance.


Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

EPCs are required by law when you sell or let a property.

They have been introduced by Government to help improve energy efficiency in buildings, cut carbon emissions and to tackle climate change. The certificate provides an A to G Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) for the building now and potentially with recommended improvements undertaken. With very limited exceptions from 1st April 2018 a rental property on change of tenancy must have a minimum EER rating of E. Similar ratings are provided to assess the building’s environmental impact.

Our accredited Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) can inspect the property to provide you with an EPC which remains valid for ten years.

New Home Condition Report

When you purchase a newly built home from a reputable builder you expect the quality of workmanship to be of a high standard. The property is signed off for warranty both by the builder and the insurance company offering the extended warranty (e.g. NHBC). This gives you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong it will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. We see a number of clients contacting us to have survey reports carried out on properties only a few years old and surprisingly we find a number of faults. These can be from the initial construction or from the “settlement” period over the first year or so.

We therefore offer an RICS Condition Report to these clients which can identify any problems before they develop in to costly repairs. This is very important if your home is still within the initial builder warranty period. Getting repairs through the insurance backed warranty companies can be a long drawn out process so it is worth utilising the builder warranty while it is in place.

If you feel your property needs a “health check” then give us a call. You may have a specific issue that you need us to look at, or it may be just added peace of mind you’re looking for.