13 June 2018

Out of Sight is Out of Mind

Out of Sight is Out of Mind

Which one of these photographs of domestic drains is the odd one out?

Number 4. Of course. An apparently problem free drain. This is what a Chartered Surveyor wants to see when he or she lifts a drainage inspection chamber in somebody’s garden. A nicely constructed brickwork chamber and pipework that is as “clean as a whistle”.

Unfortunately, it is not always the case which is why drains are not the favourite part of our job.

Number 1 is sited next to a Privet hedge and shows the damage a mass of even very fine roots can do.

Number 2 is almost full to overflowing for unknown reasons.

Number 3 has become blocked by what look like nappy liners or wet wipes.

A visual check of the drainage inspection chamber will not confirm other parts of the drainage system are free from defects. There is a risk of problems in concealed areas. These photos may be the tip of the iceberg….. or possibly not.

It is a risk a buyer must accept. If not, they should commission a full check in the form of a CCTV scan from a specialist drainage contractor. As drain repairs are potentially very costly, Shire Surveyors normally recommend a follow up investigation of this nature.

 Forewarned is forearmed as they say. And if we have to view these unpleasant sights, so should you!