9 January 2014

Is your home at risk of flooding?

Is your home at risk of flooding?

The risk of flooding is growing. Flooding could seriously affect the value and amenity of your home or business premises.

There will probably be an increasing number of floods in the future due to changes in weather patterns, the amount of new building on low-lying areas in recent years, and other local factors.

Many properties which have not previously been at risk of flooding now are. Of the 28 million homes in the UK, over five million are currently at risk, as well as over 300,000 business premises and many more public and utility services buildings. For most of these properties the risk of being flooded in any one year is still small, but for several hundred thousand properties, especially those which have been flooded in recent years, the risk is more significant.

The increasing risk of flooding can reduce the value of your home or business premises and may make it more difficult and expensive to get insurance cover. A flood can threaten your safety, cause serious damage to your property and its contents, and will result in many months of dislocation and disruption.

This guide will tell you what you need to know about flooding and flood risk to your property (the land and the buildings on it), and what you can do to deal with this risk. Follow the link below to view the RICS Flood Risk Consumer Guide.