24 October 2013

Flat Roof Survey

Flat Roof Survey

Carrying out a home survey recently I climbed my ladder and found this sorry looking flat roof. It displays all the signs of bad design and neglect.

Despite being called “flat”, such roofs should have a gentle slope on them to allow rainwater to drain off freely into a suitably positioned gutter. Such a slope is no good if you allow gravel chippings to build up and plants to grow on the roof covering.

The first time most home owners realise they have problem is when they spot a damp patch on their ceiling. Fortunately, this was a garage roof. Just imagine the damage and disruption if it was your lounge?

The answer is for you or your builder to check up on it every now and then. This can often be done from the safety of an upstairs window with no ladder needed. Taking a look on a rainy day is the best time. Make sure there are no tell tale puddles, piles of leaves and so on.

Often a little TLC can avoid a more costly repair or replacement job later on. Remember, prevention is better than cure!