24 November 2013

Don’t waste your energy!

Don’t waste your energy!

We are bombarded with advice on ways to save energy u in our homes. Indeed, whether you are selling a home or intending to let it out you are now required by law to commission an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

These are a useful tool. They are valid for ten years and you don’t need a new one if you change the property in that time (although it will obviously be out of date and inaccurate).

You can find full details of all EPCs at by inserting the postcode of the property you are interested in. They give you the Energy Efficiency Rating now and its potential rating if various recommended improvements are carried out.

These improvements range from installing more low energy light bulbs for a few pounds to fitting solar panels for several thousands. All well and good, but there is also the need to exercise some common sense.

For example, your boiler may be old and inefficient but it may work perfectly well. A new boiler will cost you a few thousand and be more efficient but you then need to work out how long it will take you to get your money back (the “payback period”). There is a strong argument for keeping it until it can be repaired no more: as long as you ensure it stays safe by having it serviced regularly.

Double glazing does not save you as much as some would have you believe. The two most cost effective improvements you can undertake are firstly, to make sure your loft is well insulated and secondly, to install cavity wall insulation if at all possible.

Lots of advice and lots of choices to make. A good place to look for sensible and impartial advice is the government’s website Take a look. It could save you some money.